Pyszne says “Pay Later” with Twisto

Pyszne is introducing deferred payments for orders with Twisto, the company said.

“We are glad that we are the first on the market of online food ordering services to offer an innovative solution, which is deferred payment. This means additional value for both customers and partner restaurants, ”said the co-founder and managing director of Arkadiusz Krupicz.

For several weeks now, users have been able to pay with Twisto | PayU Pay later within 30 days at no extra cost and will choose Twisto as the payment method when finalizing the order, also stated.

The country manager of Twisto in Poland, Adam Miziołek, pointed out that it is difficult for him to recall an industry that does not yet offer the possibility of delaying payments. He added that payments for grocery shopping, food delivery, medicines, household chemicals, cosmetics, newspapers, tickets to the cinema or concerts, and even for public transport are deferred.


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