Pure Biologics lands US contract for preclinical research

Pure Biologics has entered into a contract with The Jackson Laboratory, a US-based animal research services company, to perform the first preclinical pilot study in the PB004 project to develop a drug candidate for treating triple negative breast cancer, the company said.

PB004 is one of the company's key projects, which concerns the therapeutic concept of the treatment of solid tumors and leukemia, in which a bispecific drug molecule stimulates the tumor-infiltrating NK cells (Natural Killers - "natural killers") to destroy neoplastic cells with a tumor-related antigen on their surface - protein ROR-1, stated.

“The main goal of the study is to generate data that can help predict the half-life of the PB004 molecule in cancer patients. The half-life of antibodies in the bloodstream (including therapeutic antibodies) and human serum albumin is determined by the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) on the cells lining the blood vessels. For this reason, the pharmacokinetics of PB004 will be tested in genetically engineered mice bearing human FcRn and lacking the murine albumin counterpart. The study is expected to start in early May 2022 with an expected duration of around two months, 'the company said. 

Pure Biologics is a Polish biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing biological drugs and developing extracorporeal therapies. The company conducts research using its own technological platforms for the selection of active particles - antibodies and aptamers. In December 2020, the company transferred its listing to the main market of the WSE from the NewConnect market, where it was listed since December 2018.

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