Protektor wants to increase sales in ’22, sees an increase in orders for paramilirary shoes

Protektor, a specialist footwear manufacturer, wants to increase sales this year and maintain profitability. Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the company has recorded an increase in orders for paramilitary shoes, President Tomasz Malicki told PAP Biznes. Due to the geopolitical risk, the group wants to accelerate the duplication of production elements in plants in Nadniestrze and Poland.

"We have recently increased the percentage profitability on sales, the percentage margin on sales has increased and we cannot improve it significantly, given the increase in material prices. The goal for this year is to maintain profitability at the level of last year and increase the value of sales. All activities undertaken last year strengthened the foundations of this company and should bring results, "President Tomasz Malicki told PAP Biznes.

"We are constantly assessing the possibility of achieving the sales goals of the strategy until 2023 within the assumed range. We will inform you if there are any changes" - said the president.

In line with its strategy, Protektor is not planning any acquisitions yet. As Malicki said, this can be considered in the next strategic perspective, i.e. after 2023. The company announced in the strategy that it wants to return to the payment of dividends in 2022, from the profit for 2021. The president did not want to comment on this issue.

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