Polish application for starting a family.

The startup Bubaa intends to solve the problems faced by new parents. Behind the innovative project is a married couple who have been involved in banking for over ten years.

A new player has appeared on the startup market who launched a marketplace platform for sellers and buyers only products for children, incl. clothes, toys, books, prams and car seats. All second hand. In addition, businesses operating with children in mind (e.g. kindergartens, playrooms, nannies or tutors) can place their ads in the application. - Our goal is to make life easier for parents and people planning to start a family. We want Bubaa to become a place for them, where they will find everything they need to raise their children - points out Mateusz Tycner, the co-creator of the website.

The Tycner platform allows you to sell and buy used items (you can bargain), which are divided into 17 thematic categories and almost 500 subcategories (you can filter them by child's age, condition, color, brand, and even search for items for twins) . An interesting feature is the statistics, thanks to which each user has the opportunity to summarize how much he earned on sales or how much he spent on in-app purchases, which allows you to control the budget.

Ambitious development plans
The Warsaw startup is the work of two bankers who have been associated with this industry for over a decade. Agnieszka worked, among others at ING, Idea Bank, and now she is associated with Pekao. In turn, Mateusz gained experience, among others at ING, Citi, and currently works at Alior Bank. As he recalls, the idea was born in 2020, and its implementation took about a year. Until now, the startup was financed from the founders' own funds. - However, in order to continue to develop and build scale, it is necessary to obtain external financing - underlines Tycner.

The creators of Bubaa have already started looking for VC funds and business angels who would invest in the project. - We hope that these actions will bear fruit in the coming months - adds our interlocutor. And points out that the startup operates in a market with huge potential. It is enough to mention that in Poland approx. 350–400 thousand children are born. children per year, and people up to the age of 14 are in our country a group of nearly 6 million, which is about 15 percent. population. In turn, there are only 5 million women aged 25–45 who have children.

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