Tanzania and Poland aim to trade more

Poland has outlined areas its companies are interested in investing in Tanzania in a bid to strengthen ties and explore existing potential between the two countries.

Poland’s Ambassador to Tanzania Krzysztof Buzalski recently told The Citizen that Polish companies were closely looking at the investment opportunities on the Tanzanian market in such areas as agriculture, blue economy, mining, tourism and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

However, he said there was still a lack of information on the possibilities of cooperation between the two countries.

Compared to what has been done in other African countries, Tanzania and Poland still need extensive trade promotion such as trade fairs and organized presentations.

“Tanzania needs more promotion in Poland regarding the trade and business opportunities,” said Mr Buzalski in an interview.

“Opening of a Tanzanian diplomatic mission in Warsaw would clearly help build interest in Tanzania, its market opportunities as well as its tourist attractions among Polish business, organizations and Poles in general,” he said.


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