Ukrainian visa backlog set to soar.

Every year, the Polish labor market supplies so many immigrants from Ukraine that Polish institutions have a problem with handling their visa applications. A private company helps, but its contract is just about to expire. In order to guarantee the continuity of issuing visas, a new entity should start providing this service in November. It is already known that there is no chance for this because the tender announced by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kiev contained errors. This means that the issuing of visas for Ukrainians may be suspended next month, and Poland is facing another crisis. The whole situation will have an impact on Polish companies, which benefit to a large extent from the influx of workers from the East.

“Unfortunately, we have a crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border, and in a moment we may also have a crisis on the border with Ukraine. This is related to the tender for visa service, which – due to the wrong announcement – may not be settled, which will result in paralysis” – says Jakub Kulesza, chairman of the Confederation’s deputies.

Polish diplomatic missions in Ukraine issue around 1.2 million visas each year. There are so many Ukrainians’ requests to come to Poland that the institutions are not able to handle them on their own. Therefore, cooperation with an external company is needed. For over 10 years, this service has been provided for Poland by VFS, an operator that also operates in over 140 other countries. This year, the suppliers will expire the contract for handling visa applications from Ukraine. That is why the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kiev has announced a tender to select a new entity that will take care of it. As emphasized by the Confederation MP, the tender announced by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kiev was prepared unprofessionally due to an incorrectly prepared specification of essential terms of the contract.


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