Poland can earn PLN 20 billion on CO2 emissions

If the prices of CO2 emission allowances remain at a similar level as at present, this year’s state budget revenues from their sale may reach as much as PLN 20 billion – forecasts Marcin Kowalczyk, head of the Climate Team at WWF Poland.

Kowalczyk points out that the amount of revenues from the sale of CO2 in 2021 is already higher than in the entire 2020, when PLN 12.1 billion was transferred to the Polish budget from the sale of CO2 emission allowances.

Kowalczyk indicates that in 2022 the number of allowances for sale by Poland will be about 60 percent lower than in 2021, but this does not mean that the revenues from their sale will be lower, because the sale price may be higher than today.


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