Planty – a new plant brand on the Polish market

In March 2022, a new brand enters the Polish market of plant products – Planty. Its offer includes plant alternatives, including burgers, sausages or meatballs. The brand’s mission is to show Poles that dishes based on vegetables do not differ in taste and quality from those without meat. Why have the owners of the new Planty brand, who have been specializing in plant-based cuisine for years, decided to enter stores with their products? Insatiable vegetable market Vegetable products are no longer new to supermarket shelves.

According to data from GfK Polonia in Poland, by November 2020, sales of plant meat substitutes in annual terms increased by 138% in value, and by 107% in quantity. The RoślinnieJemy report shows that more than 40% of Poles have reduced or completely resigned from meat products. Therefore, a clear need has emerged on the Polish market. Planty decided to answer it. The first quarter of 2022 turned out to be an excellent time to introduce new plant-based products to the market.

We have been present in the industry for years, creating products under private labels of large retail chains. Recent studies show that this part of gastronomy is growing in strength, and the demand for what is plant-based in our country is experiencing its golden age. On the other hand, by following trends and observing changes in the industry, we believe that the market has not yet been saturated. For this reason, we found a space in it, which we filled with Planty products – Rafał Maranowski, Member of the Management Board.


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