PKP Intercity outlines 24 billion pln CapX plans

The updated development strategy of PKP Intercity assumes an increase in the number of locomotives by approx. 11% compared to the current state, electric multiple units (EMU) by 47% and “classic” wagons by 18% by 2030, the carrier said. PKP Intercity will also include 35 hybrid multiple units that have not been used so far and 38 push-pull units.

“As a result of multi-billion investments in 2030, PKP Intercity will have 429 locomotives of various types (11% more than today), 109 electric multiple units (47% more than today), 35 hybrid multiple units (currently none), 2 466 carriages (18% more than today) and 38 seven-car push-pull trains (currently not available), ”said President Marek Charciek.

Earlier, during the conference, Chraniek informed that the company will allocate approx. PLN 24.5 billion for investments in rolling stock from the expenditure planned for 2021-2030 in the amount of approx. PLN 27 billion.

The remaining PLN 2.6 billion are investments in modern, environmentally friendly parking stations and technical facilities in 52 locations throughout Poland. The company announces that the modernization of the technical infrastructure will bring the standardization of the facilities. After completion of the investment, they will be divided into three categories, adjusted to the appropriate standard, taking into account the rolling stock needs in a given location in terms of the implementation of the timetable.


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