PKN Orlen to import biomethane from RWE

PKN Orlen was the first company in Poland to import certified biomethane, which is a renewable equivalent of natural gas, as part of pilot activities, the company said. PKN Orlen has purchased biomethane from RWE Supply & Trading and will use it for its own needs.

“We place a strong emphasis on new, promising areas and consistently build an effective system of renewable energy sources. According to the strategy, it will be based on the development of the biomethane industry. We see its great potential and want to fully use it, which is why we have imported certified biomethane as part of pilot activities and we are consistently carrying out investments that will also enable us to produce it in the near future. The measures taken are part of the energy transformation and are in line with our goals of switching to low- and zero-emission fuels, ”said President Daniel Obajtek.

Biomethane has similar quality parameters to natural gas, but is produced from organic waste. Its consumption therefore limits the use of other fossil fuels. Biomethane can be used as a fuel for the production of biohydrogen and be used in transport.

The imported biomethane was purchased from RWE Supply & Trading and will be used for the needs of PKN Orlen, it was also reported.


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