PetrusGO – a new OTT solution on the Polish market

Insys Video Technologies has implemented a fully branded “Over-the-Top” solution based on InsysGO for one of the biggest local cable television in Poland – Petrus. The platform enables the subscribers to watch selected live TV channels online and gives access to the VoD library – InsysVOD Premium. PetrusGO is available for users via the website, mobile apps (Android and iOS), and on AndroidTV.

“Our clients are strongly aware of the Petrus brand, which we have been promoting since 1992. The implementation of PetrusGO only strengthened our position on the local market,” says Paweł Granowski, Vicepresident of the Sales Department at Petrus. “Users can use the platform on various devices via a website and mobile applications (Android and iOS), where they have access to the VoD library and selected live TV channels.”


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