Pekao: We are interested in financing projects related to the Green Deal

Bank Pekao is interested in financing projects related to the transformation of companies in such areas as power engineering, industrial networks, heating, transport – i.e. related to the European Green Deal, said Vice President Jerzy Kwieciński.

According to him, the Polish banking sector has a much greater potential for financing companies than PLN 150 billion in loans granted last year, but in order to finance investments under the climate policy to a greater extent, he expects regulatory changes concerning, inter alia, bank tax.

As he indicated, estimates at the EU level say that in order to achieve the assumed climate policy target in 2030, annual expenditure should amount to around EUR 300 billion per year.

“The calculations we made at our bank say that we will have to spend EUR 527 billion on these tasks related to climate policy in our country by 2030, and we estimate that of this amount, about EUR 220 billion are funds that they will return to the state budget (…), ”Kwieciński noted.

As he emphasized, in order to find funds to finance projects aimed at transforming the Polish economy towards zero emissions, changes in the regulatory environment of banks are necessary.

Kwieciński emphasized that for the successful implementation of the transformation process in the entire EU in terms of achieving zero emissions, it will also be extremely important to create an appropriate regulatory environment.


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