Pandemic slashes number of Polish restaurants to 2009 level

The number of restaurants in Poland declined by nearly 10,000 last year owing to the coronavirus pandemic, wiping out the sector’s 12 years of outlet growth, a report has shown.

At the end of last year there were 63,000 restaurants in Poland, nearly 10,000 less compared to the pre-pandemic level, according to a GfK Polonia report, as quoted by the Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

“Over the two years of the pandemic, the restaurant sector has suffered a huge decline, both in terms of sales and the number of outlets,” Rzeczpospolita wrote.

The value of the restaurant market fell by 22 percent in 2021 compared to 2019, to PLN 28.5 billion (EUR 6.30 billion), the newspaper said.

“The pandemic has stalled or even reversed the sector’s growth,” said GfK Polonia’s Szymon Mordasiewicz, as quoted by the daily.

“The pandemic brought the market back to 2009 in terms of the number of outlets,” Mordasiewicz continued. “In terms of sales, the situation reversed to 2016.

“It’s a significant contraction that is going to be difficult to make up for,” he added.

However, the biggest restaurant chains increased their number of outlets by 5 percent during the pandemic, the report shows.

“This happened despite the fact that they had to adopt the take-away or home-delivery format for months,” the newspaper observed.


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