Packeta expands its services to Polish e-stores international expansion

Packeta – a global, digital e-commerce platform – will help e-stores from Poland expand beyond the country’s borders. The company already has two warehouses- in Warsaw and Cieszyn, and plans to open more facilities – in Poznań and Kraków.

“The last few years, and in particular the last year – due to the pandemic situation – have brought a significant acceleration in the development of the Polish e-commerce industry. Many new e-stores have appeared, and in 2020 alone, online sales increased by over 30% compared to 2019. Dynamic development and growing competition on the domestic market encourage online stores to look for business opportunities outside our country. We can clearly see this trend – hence the desire to expand in Poland and support Polish e-commerce in reaching customers abroad. We are able to offer not only competitive shipping costs, but also support Polish entities in reaching customers and building a market position outside Poland” – says Justyna Andreas, President of Packeta Polska.

In order to grow on the Polish market, Packeta is still looking for new business partners in the e-commerce industry. In addition to acquiring new partners, Packeta also invests in Poland in the development of its infrastructure. It already has warehouses in Cieszyn and Warsaw. It plans to open facilities in Poznań and Kraków in the near future.


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