OX2 says energy storage must be built next to new PV farms

OX2 wants to ultimately build energy storage together with photovoltaic farms, said Marta Głód, the director of the photovoltaic projects department.
“We are doing warehouse projects for solar farms. When obtaining a permit for photovoltaic projects, we immediately try to take into account the construction of an energy storage and we are almost 100% successful. We are waiting for a favorable economic and legal situation on the Polish market with the construction. We will be ready, because we have a lot of projects, ”said Głód.

OX2 looks at the installation of warehouses in two ways. Perhaps they can exist in the grid as installations that will have a regulatory function, but in some way as an infrastructure accompanying a solar farm.

The company’s current portfolio of photovoltaic projects is almost 900 MW.

“Will this happen in the next projects – I don’t know, maybe in the next ones. It may turn out to be necessary. We are ready for such a requirement, ”added Katarzyna Suchcicka, director general of OX2 in Poland.

In her opinion, the capacity market alone is not sufficient to make the construction of energy storage profitable. Another element that is needed is system services.


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