Nano Dimension develops next-gen nano-particle conductive ink with XTPL

Nano Dimension Ltd., an industry leader in Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)/3D-Printed Electronics (PE), and Micro Additive Manufacturing (Micro-AM) announced a collaboration with XTPL S.A. to develop new nano-particle based conductive ink.

Nano Dimension and XTPL will focus on the development of new nano-particle conductive ink for AME applications, enabling high conductivity and high-performance material suitable for 3D electronic printing technology for ultra-precise delivery of nanomaterials.

Filip Granek, Chief Executive Officer of XTPL, commented, “We are excited about this collaboration as we believe that the combination of the market position and technological solutions of Nano Dimension, alongside XTPL’s competitive technology and know-how of producing high-performance conductive inks, will contribute greatly to the development of the AME market.”

“Adding new materials to our portfolio is a key strategic aim for Nano Dimension. In addition to in-house development of dielectric and conductive ink, we partner with material companies to expand our material portfolio for different applications,” stated Hanan Gino, Chief Product Officer of Nano Dimension. “The expertise of XTPL will enable our customers to more easily develop new classes of High-Performance Electronic Devices (Hi-PEDs®) on our AME intelligent systems combining software, hardware, deep/machine learning, and materials for advanced industrial solutions.”


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