New Scandinavian video entrant sees big growth in streaming-subscriptions

On average, 25% of nearly 14 million households in Poland has a content streaming subscription. The Scandinavian NENT Group predicts that this market will grow dynamically, which is why it has launched its Viaplay streaming platform in Poland.

He wants to attract viewers, among others local own productions and live broadcasts of major sporting events. – In the long term, we want to become the leading streaming platform in Poland – announces the president of NENT Group, Anders Jensen.

“The Polish market is very attractive. It has been one of the key countries for us since we started planning the development of Viaplay. The main reason is the size of the market – 14 million households, but also good infrastructure and a very dynamic creative industry, as well as recipients who eagerly use the content. So it is an ideal place for us” – says Anders Jensen, the president of the board of Nordic Entertainment Group, the owner of Viaplay, to the news agency Newseria Biznes.

Out of 13.8 million households in Poland, one in four subscribes to streaming content. The average is 1.5 subscriptions per household, but Scandinavian NENT Group forecasts these rates will grow, as will all VOD (Video On Demand) services. The research company PMR estimates that in 2020 the value of the VOD market increased by 25%. y / y, to the level of PLN 1.3 billion, and many customers switched from free services to paid subscription services. PMR estimates that 900,000 new jobs were added to the SVOD platforms. new subscriptions, while a year earlier about 500,000.

“In the short term, our goal is to gain a proper position in the market so that people know and recognize Viaplay as a brand. However, in the long term, we want to become the leading streaming platform in Poland” – announces Anders Jensen.


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