MLP Group puts PV farms on roofs of 10 logistics parks

MLP Group has launched a strategic project to build solar farms on the roofs of 10 logistics parks in Poland, the company said. Photovoltaic panels will occupy about 120,000 m2 of space, and their total capacity will be 5.93 MWp. Completion of the investment is planned in the first quarter of 2023.
Quanta Energy will be responsible for the implementation of the investment. In order to increase safety, a special lightweight structure of the installation will be used in the construction, it is stated.

“Environmental protection is fully in line with our strategy of operation as a Green Industrial Developer. As a standard, all our new facilities are subject to the BREEAM and DGNB certification process in terms of their environmental friendliness and functionality. In cooperation with Quanta Energy, we are now starting a comprehensive and large-scale development program for solar farms on the roofs of our facilities. The goal of all these activities is to achieve zero CO2 emissions in just a few years. Our tenants also expect us to use ecological solutions. For customers of the warehouse industry, the reduction of the carbon footprint is, on the one hand, the fulfillment of obligations in the scope of the increasingly commonly declared climate protection, and, on the other hand, it is also the financial savings obtained as part of the costs of operating commercial space “- said the president of MLP Group, Radosław T. Krochta.

Increasing energy prices mean that, in addition to environmental protection resulting from the use of green energy, the investment will reduce costs. Renewable energy installations built on the roofs of MLP Group warehouses with a total capacity of 6.3 MWp will produce about 6 GWh of electricity per year.


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