Milton Essex Face-Cov project launches in March 2022

Milton Essex hopes that the Face-Cov project will be closed in March 2022, and the pilot of the SkinSENS system – designed to read skin allergy tests – will probably start in the middle of next year for reasons related to the pandemic, according to Vice President Radosław Solana.

“We work very closely with the Military University of Technology (MUT), where two projects are co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development, i.e. SkinSENS for an allergy diagnostics device for imaging the results of skin allergy tests and the Face-Cov project for body temperature measurements and determination people moving within buildings, ”Solan said during the videoconference.

The vice president added that in July this year the company managed to present IR cameras at an industry fair as part of the Face-Cov project.


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