Mercor to buy 50% shares intelligent energy management company

Mercor has signed a letter of intent with Automatic Systems Engineering regarding the potential acquisition of 50 percent shares for 5 million pln in Elmech-ASE, a company developing intelligent energy management technology based on energy storage.

Mercor announced that the final decision regarding the acquisition of shares will be preceded by a due diligence process, and the planned transaction is in line with the group’s adopted strategy for 2020-23, which envisages development towards automation and intelligent management of fire safety of facilities and increasing their energy efficiency.

“Energy storage is an investment in the future. (…) Energy management technology will enable companies to efficiently use RES, significantly optimize costs and improve the security of the entire power system. (…) We have been cooperating with the ASE group for many years, including designing investments using our fire protection systems. full use of their competences “- said Krzysztof Krempeć, president of Mercor.

As stated in the press release, the signing of the letter does not end Mercor’s review of strategic options.


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