Medicalgorithmics and Medi-Lynx secure US patent for mobile ECG technology

Medicalgorithmics and the US subsidiary of MediLynx Cardiac Monitoring, LLC (known as MediLynx Arrythmia Diagnostics) have obtained a US patent for the technology of continuously transmitting, analyzing and monitoring the full ECG signal remotely, Medicalgorithmics reported.

“Traditional Continuous Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) devices transmit only a fraction of the ECG data during the monitoring process. We have overcome this limitation with our – already patented – mobile heart rate monitor, which transmits the entire, uninterrupted electrocardiographic signal directly to the doctor or monitoring center, so that the patient’s heart can be constantly monitored and possible emergencies immediately recognized “- said the inventor of the technology, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Medicalgorithmics, Dr. Marek Dziubiński.

He pointed out that online access to the entire ECG record during monitoring has one more, very important advantage. The latest advances in deep neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms can be fully utilized to process every heartbeat, pushing the boundaries of accuracy and prediction in automated ECG analysis.

“Our innovative idea is an element that allows us to build the next generation of intelligent remote parameter monitoring systems, where the accuracy of ECG signal interpretation and online access are crucial. These applications include postoperative monitoring of patients after hospitalization, diagnosis of transient arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation, and pre-admission assessment of patients with severe and intermittent cardiac symptoms, ”Dziubiński explained.


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