mBank invests 1 billion pln in green energy projects

mBank has allocated PLN 1 billion to finance the construction of new wind farms and solar farms with a total capacity of 400 MW in 2021, the bank said.

“According to the new strategy, we want to provide PLN 10 billion of financing to green industries such as renewable energy, electromobility and recycling. We want to be the leader of eco-transformation, ”said mBank’s vice-president for corporate and investment banking, Adam Pers.

In the segment of large investments, such as photovoltaic or wind farms, mBank has financed so far over 1,826 MW of capacity. In addition to financing large renewable energy projects under the stock ownership system, mBank is also working on a financing offer outside this system. It also offers financing for smaller renewable energy projects (mainly for auto producers and photovoltaic farms) with a rated power of up to 5 MW. In turn, companies from the SME sector can also take advantage of mBank’s leasing offer, it was also announced.


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