Sunreef luxury yachts firm surprises with top prize at international awards

A Gdańsk company specialising in custom-made luxury yachts and catamarans has confirmed its place as one of the global leaders in its field after winning a prestigious award at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2021.

Sunreef Yachts was awarded ‘Best Sailing Yacht’ for its new Sunreef 70 model which was recognised for its ‘innovative and trendsetting design which combines outstanding living space with great performance under sail and advanced technology’.

In 2018, Karolina Paszkiewicz-Kołacz, marketing director of Sunreef Yachts said: “Sixteen years ago no-one had ever heard of a luxury product ‘Made in Poland’.

“Back then exclusiveness was associated with countries such as France and Italy. Now it is different. Polish yachts are a leading export, and boats with a Polish label are regarded as high quality, innovative and elegant.”


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