LUG increase sales due to rising energy prices – announces a new strategy

“Rising electricity prices are an element directly influencing the mobilization of consumers in terms of replacing lighting with energy-saving ones,” says Ryszard Wtorkowski, the president of LUG. The company is improving the profitability of its order portfolio and is ready to execute new orders. Soon it also intends to announce a new development strategy.

Along with the increase in energy prices, so do the costs of production and thus also the fulfillment of orders in many industries. This also applies to LUG, one of the leading European manufacturers of professional lighting solutions. On the other hand, the current situation has a positive effect on the energy efficiency of the company’s products and increases customer demand for energy-saving solutions.

“The growing energy efficiency of our products will increase the interest in purchasing our solutions. We want to emphasize that the possibilities of saving energy can increase up to 75 percent for conventional light sources. In the case of infrastructure lighting, an additional element that uses better use of electricity is our idea of ​​software, which is able to generate additional savings percentages. ” – said president Ryszard Wtorkowski during the investor chat in the Investors’ Zone.

The LUG Management Board also sees an opportunity in the development of projects in the ESCO model. To this end, it established the company ESCO Light.


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