LiveKid lands 9 million pln investment round

Jan Ciszewski, Nunatak Capital and IMPERIO on board LiveKid – a Polish startup that has created a support ecosystem for parents, kindergartens and nurseries. The solution is used by over 150,000 users in Europe every day.

The idea of ​​a virtual platform that connects hundreds of thousands of parents and guardians every day, facilitating the care of children in kindergartens and nurseries and the management of educational institutions for thousands of directors, was met with support and enthusiasm by investors.

LiveKid announces the closure of the seed investment round in the amount of PLN 9 million, which gives the company a valuation of PLN 40 million. The financing obtained comes from the listed company JR HOLDING S.A. – associated with the investor Jan Ciszewski, from the fund Nunatak Capital ASI Sp. z o.o. investing in companies that use Data Science to build value and from Imperio Alternatywna Spółka Inwestycyjna S.A. In total, in the round, investors acquire 22.61% of shares in the target ownership structure.

The funds will help LiveKid strengthen its leading position in Poland and will allow for further dynamic expansion in Spain, Switzerland, Germany and other European markets. The company’s development potential is determined, among others, by still low level of digitization of the early-educational and parenting market and the growing popularity of interactive services for parents and children. At the same time, LiveKid is already one of the most popular applications among parents and guardians and has more active users than any other parent-kindergarten contact platform.

“The founders of LiveKid in just three years, without any external funds, built a great application that conquered the Polish market and generates millions of zlotys in revenues. I believe that thanks to the capital injection of the company, in a few years LiveKid will be the market leader in Europe”, says Jan Ciszewski, President of the Management Board of JR Holding. <

LiveKid is a Polish startup founded in 2017 by Jakub Pawelski and Mateusz Kulesza. The mobile application and internet platform they have created is used to manage nurseries and kindergartens and facilitate ongoing communication with caregivers. With its help, parents can provide information about their children’s needs, absences or food preferences on an ongoing basis, as well as watch their kids’ activity during the day, view a photo and video gallery. LiveKid also solves a number of problems of principals and teachers who so far had to spend long hours on duties related to the functioning of the facility, time-consuming settlement of the costs of a child’s stay in kindergarten or often multi-channel and chaotic communication with parents.

The largest platform for kindergartens and nurseries in Poland does not stop at one solution – since last year it has been consistently incorporating new services and products into its structures, building a digital ecosystem of childcare. In 2020, LiveKid took over the Polish-Canadian Baby Manager – the children’s mobile diary and – the largest base of kindergartens in Poland.

“We are a leader in digital services and products for childcare up to 7 years old. In addition to our initial offer, i.e. the system facilitating the management of LiveKid early education facilities, our portfolio includes an application for monitoring child development, a database of kindergartens and several other services, including insurance and educational. We assume that in time, the software we started with may become a free channel to reach customers. A large part of the revenues will come from other business lines,” says Jakub Pawelski, founder and CEO of LiveKid.

The solutions offered by LiveKid for parents, kindergartens and nurseries are used by over 150 thousand people every day. users and over 1,300 educational institutions in Poland and abroad. Only in June this year. via LiveKid, parents made payments in the amount of over PLN 13 million. The market for goods and services for children aged 0-7 is huge and very fragmented. The fact that the application is already used by more than 150,000 parents every day makes LiveKid one of the most serious candidates for creating solutions that meet the needs of parents and children in a completely new way, i.e. adjusting the offer thanks to the use of Data Science tools.

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