Polish startup Linker Cloud lands PLN 16 million to develop solutions for e-commerce logistics

Linker Cloud is a Polish company offering proprietary solutions for the management of logistics processes. The company obtained PLN 16 million for the development of a fulfillment network for e-commerce throughout Europe. Thanks to the collected funds, Linker Cloud will create a virtual bridge between the world of e-commerce brands and the logistics industry.

The platform provided by Linker Cloud allows you to automate processes related to both shipping and the comprehensive order handling process. By joining the intelligent fulfillment network, the company’s partners become part of a pan-European business platform that brings benefits to logistics operators and e-commerce brands.

With the help of Linker Cloud, e-commerce companies that provide services in several international markets can transfer all logistics-related issues to professionals, and focus on further business development.

“The e-commerce market is growing at a dizzying pace, and cross-border for many brands is becoming the best strategy for business growth. That is why we decided to launch a fulfillment network, thanks to which D2C stores and brands will be able to launch sales in a new country faster, without worrying about logistics and operational issues” – emphasizes Daniel Kierdal, CEO of Linker Cloud.

The solution provided by Linker Cloud is an intelligent, virtual logistics ecosystem that allows for safe and quick expansion into new markets, while maintaining operational flexibility and high logistics standards.

FfVC Poland (a Polish-American investment fund) and Street Smart Capital from Finland have invested in the development of the Polish startup. In turn, the funds Market One Capital and Kogito Venture, with which the company had already cooperated, decided to increase the existing investment.


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