Lara and Magda Gessler set out to help Ukraine. At the same time, they join culinary forces

However, Lara Gessler did not stick to words of support and decided to start acting realistically. Together with his mother, Magda Gessler, they want to start selling Słodki Słony cake in their restaurant, the entire income of which will be donated to help Ukrainians. “From tomorrow in Słodki Słony there will be a cake for Ukraine, the entire proceeds of which will be donated to a fundraiser conducted by the Polish Humanitarian Action. Stay warm. Let everyone help as much as they can ", wrote the daughter of" Kitchen Revolutions "on her Instagram.

Then, information about the sale of the cake also appeared on Magda Gessler's Instagram. “We support our neighbors! From tomorrow to Słodki Słony there will be cake. The profit from the sale will support the victims of the war in Ukraine, ”we read. Lara Gessler also started a fundraiser for refugees from Ukraine. Representatives of the restaurateur Culinary Studio collect the necessary items that are needed by Ukrainians and Ukrainians fleeing the war.

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