Kvarko Fund invests in biotech startup Qmeric

The Kvarko fund has invested several hundred thousand euros in Qmeric, the fund said. Qmeric develops a pioneering technology for the synthesis and purification of polyglycerin for applications including in cosmetics, pharmacy and the food industry.

The founders of Qmeric, Jakub Ciepiela and Andrzej Milewski, have developed a proprietary technology for the synthesis and purification of oligoetherols – energy-saving and producing less pollution (thus cheaper and more effective).

The company already generates revenues from the sale of oligoetherols, produced on the basis of a proprietary synthesis technology, which uses only natural products that meet the requirements of waste-free production.

“We are pleased to once again accompany the company on its way from testing in the laboratory to rescaling the chemical process. The market for oligoetherols is very absorbent due to the multitude of their applications, which drives the dynamic development of the industry. Qmeric has ambitious plans, including the construction of a chemical installation that will enable the synthesis of oligoetherols on a massive scale, ”summed up the investment manager of the Kvarko fund, Ewelina Stelmach.

The investment in Qmeric was carried out as part of the BRIdge Alfa activity, co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development, and is the 19th investment by the Kvarko Fund.


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