Kross wants to achieve 50% of export revenues by 2026.

Kross increased exports by 120% y / y in 2021, and the company estimates that further growth in this area will be 30-50% annually in the following years, the company said. By 2026, about half of the company's revenues will come from foreign sales.

Every fourth bike sold in Poland last season came from the Kross factory. The company is number 1 in Poland and the Czech Republic and in the top three in Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. The strategy assumes that within 4 years Kross will be a leader in each of the markets in Central Europe, it was underlined.

“In two years, Kross built the number one solution for online sales using its own channel and achieved a leading sales position through the marketplace platforms. We have significantly rebuilt our internal processes and organization. Today, our e-commerce is highly valued by consumers, ”said President Filip Wojciechowski, quoted in the press release.

Kross jest liderem rynku rowerowego w Polsce. Firma powstała w 1990 roku, a w jej portfolio znajdują się rowery elektryczne, rekreacyjne oraz wyczynowe, przeznaczone do kolarstwa górskiego, a także marka Le Grand, skupiająca rowery miejskie.

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