City of Kołobrzeg lists bonds on Warsaw Stock Exchange

Kołobrzeg made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s Catalyst bond market.

The bonds, as emphasized by the authorities of Kołobrzeg are of developmental nature. The funds obtained from them will be used to finance municipal investments, and thus the socio-economic development of this Baltic sea resort city.

The owner of all bonds is PKO BP bank. Thanks to the introduction of Kołobrzeg securities to the stock exchange, every Pole will be able to buy them. The authorities of Kołobrzeg emphasize that through this step the city will build its credibility as a modern entity based on innovative financial instruments.

“Kołobrzeg is the best place to do business. It perfectly combines the advantages of a large modern city with the possibility of rest and relaxation” – said Anna Mieczkowska, mayor of the city.


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