JR Holding acquisition of shares in East Hemp

JR Holding ASI (JRH) concluded with East Hemp term sheet, in which the parties assumed an investment by JRH in East Hemp worth PLN 2 million, by taking up shares in the increased share capital, which will constitute 10.05% of shares in East Hemp and JRH’s support in obtaining financing for East Hemp’s special purpose vehicles, JRH reported. East Hemp is an entity focused on the development of projects and technologies in the cannabis processing industry.

East Hemp, which is in the process of being renamed Green Lanes, is a venture building company focused on developing projects and technologies in the hemp processing industry. This company identifies market opportunities in the dynamically developing cannabis industry, creates companies dedicated to identified business opportunities and develops them, using the experience of the management team and experts.

Currently, the company is carrying out three projects that are carried out independently in specially established companies. The focus of the processing of the hemp stalk is The True Green, which has developed the technology for the production of hemp-based hardwood.

JR Holding ASI S.A. is a company listed since 2012 on the NewConnect market, focusing on investment activities and involvement in companies from the following industries: digital business, renewable energy sources, computer games, medical, biotechnology and modern media. According to the strategy, the company intends to achieve the value of assets in the investment portfolio at the level of PLN 3 billion by the end of 2022, start first investments in foreign and global companies, and in the years 2021-2022, invest PLN 200-500 million, including . in projects in the area of ​​Digital Business. The company has started the process of transferring quotations from NewConnect to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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