Intel takes over Polish startup from the gaming industry

The world’s largest processor manufacturer has bought a company from Szczecin that specializes in digital entertainment streaming. This is one of the most important transactions on the domestic startup market for years.

RemoteMyApp, a startup founded by Rafał Krochmal, will become part of Intel Corporation. The giant has just acquired an innovative company from Szczecin, buying shares from investors – Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder (THCP), MCI and the Polish Development Fund. The parties do not disclose the value of the transaction. “The market is globalizing and a company such as RemoteMyApp has a better chance of further dynamic development as part of a global group than as a startup financed by regional funds”, said Tomasz Czechowicz, president of MCI Capital.

As a result of the acquisition, the global processor manufacturer will enter the video game streaming market in the cloud.


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