InPost and Modivo launch first reusable packaging system for ecommerce

InPost, Europe’s leading ecommerce delivery platform, has teamed up with Modivo, the fashion retailer from CCC Group’s, to introduce Poland’s first reusable packaging system for online retailers. The service, which is currently in a test phase, will be able to reduce demand for packaging by as much as 90%.

After receiving their order, Modivo customers can return the package by visiting an Automated Parcel Machine and scanning a label to send it back to InPost, where it’s disinfected and then returned to the retailer. The packages are adjusted to the product size, further improving the efficiency of the shipping process.

“Packaging is an Achilles’ heel of the ecommerce industry: every year hundreds of millions of single-use packages end up in landfills,” said InPost CEO Rafał Brzoska. “With the current pace of growth in ecommerce, there’s only one solution: logistics has to get greener, which is why we’ve introduced this system to make a real difference in the fight against waste.”

Last year hundreds of millions of packages were sent in Poland, with only a fraction of the packaging being recycled.

“As our business continues to grow, a sustainable approach is very important for us,” said Damian Zapłata, CEO of Modivo’s parent company.


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