ING Bank Śląski does not rule out increasing provisions for CHF loans risk

ING Bank Śląski does not rule out that in connection with the implementation of the program of settlements with customers who have mortgage loans in Swiss francs, in the fourth quarter of this year,will increase the risk provisions related to these loans, said the vice-president Bożena Graczyk.

“We are at the stage of revision and in-depth analysis of the assumptions we adopted a year ago, creating these main provisions for the Swiss franc risk. The uncertainty that we still have, as well as our decisions to enter the mass settlement program, make it necessary and necessary to be cautious about the assumptions we made when estimating the provision, and we do not rule out that by carefully estimating these provisions, they may increase in the fourth quarter, “Graczyk said. during an online conference.

The legal risk costs of mortgage loans denominated in foreign currencies amounted to PLN 0.4 million in Q3, compared with PLN 20.2 million a year earlier.


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