Ice Code Games enters NewConnect through reverse-takover

Ice Code Games merged with Avatrix, a company listed on the NewConnect market. As a result of the merger, Avatrix changed its name to Ice Code Games, the companies said. The merged entity was headed by president Paweł Wilk and vice president Mateusz Pilski. The goal of Ice Code Games is to become the top producer of strategy games on the market, which will be available on the PC and all the most popular consoles.

“The first plans to merge Ice Code Games with Avatrix appeared at the beginning of 2020. The process was significantly delayed by the formalities and slower work of the courts, in particular because it started right at the beginning of the pandemic”, said Wilk.

Avatrix activities were focused on innovative internet and mobile projects in which virtual communities were created. The company also published the largest Polish website for sharing photos –, and recognized as one of the leaders in the segment of women’s websites about fashion and beauty – Avatrix was also the publisher of a web game for teenagers – FashionStyle, it was recalled.

Ice Code Games is a producer of video games for PC and consoles, which specializes in strategy and tactical games distinguished by new and innovative mechanics. In order to stand out from competing games, the studio focuses on providing innovative gameplay mechanics leading to unique gameplay.

Due to the wide scope of work, in 2021 there was a significant development of the team to approx. 50 people who gained their experience on such projects as: “Dying Light 2”, “The Witcher 3”, “Cyberpunk 2077”, “Evil West”, “Shadow Warrior”, “Outriders”, “Sniper Ghost Warrior 3” or “Chernobylite”.


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