Horizon Software expand in Poland with support of Business France

The provider of e-commerce solutions and algorithmic technologies, Horizon Software, announced on January 18 the launch of operations in Poland with the support of Business France Polska. Entering a new market aims to expand the company’s services in this region of Europe.

Horizon Software has been supporting capital market participants for over two decades by embedding algorithmic technology into its electronic trading platform and offering investment opportunities through direct connectivity with over 80 exchanges around the world.

“The decision to cooperate with Business France is of a strategic nature and fits in with Horizon’s broader business goals, supporting the growth and development of their global presence. This will allow Horizon technology to be deployed on a larger scale, providing advanced services to a wider range of customers”.

This decision follows a fruitful collaboration with Business France Middle East, where the agency played a significant role in strengthening customer relationships and facilitating business opportunities for Horizon in the MENA region.

Business France Polska, based in Warsaw, is part of the French national agency that supports the international development of the French economy by promoting the growth of French companies and facilitating international investment.

“Working with Horizon Software was quite a challenge and a new lesson. Although the Polish financial sector is demanding and technologically advanced, it once again turned out to be responsive and willing to learn and absorb new solutions. The products provided by Horizon Software met with great interest among Polish companies. I hope that this will result in signing contracts and establishing long-term cooperation in the near future” – commented Marta Pater-Terlikowska, Senior Trade Advisor at Business France Polska.


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