Help Ukraine. Business people react qucikly and efficiently

The involvement of Polish entrepreneurs is optimistic - the value of material and financial aid for Ukrainian citizens has already exceeded PLN 100 million. However, this is still not much in relation to the growing needs of a society ravaged by war. 

Employers of Poland, an organization associating over 19 thousand companies, as well as Corporate Connections, BNI Polska, the Polish Business Council, the Lewiatan Confederation, the Business Center Club Employers' Union and the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce jointly support the citizen. Affiliated companies organize the transport of thousands of refugees, donate money, medicines, food, clothing, sanitary and hygiene measures. Ukrainian citizens can count on accommodation, help in finding a job that meets their qualifications, and support.

- Many of our members, owners of the largest companies in Poland, got involved in helping Ukraine, organizing aid campaigns on their own, donating their products, services and their teams. Often entrepreneurs help personally, they are at the border,  In addition to individual activities, we also launched a joint campaign to which we invited the largest business organizations in Poland. Thanks to this, we can coordinate some activities. I am impressed with how quickly and efficiently the entrepreneurs reacted. They help while managing their companies in crisis in the face of changing market conditions and anxiety - says Ryszard Chmura, president of Corporate Connections.


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