Grodno wants to mmaintain a double-digit rate and EBITDA profitability above 5% in the coming years

Grodno wants to end the financial year 2021/22 with record results, and in the following years to maintain the double-digit growth rate and EBITDA profitability above 5%. - President Andrzej Jurczak informed in an interview with PAP Biznes. In 2022, Grodno wants to have over 100 branches in Poland.

"In the coming years, we expect to maintain a double-digit growth rate - maybe not as dynamic as 60 percent in the previous periods, but it will be a very good time for Grodno related to renewable energy sources, energy transformation in the country, independence from gas or investments in development of power grids and support programs, ”said the president.

Grodno's net profit after three quarters of the financial year 2021/22 (April-December 2021) amounted to PLN 32.6 million, EBITDA was PLN 47.1 million, and operating profit was PLN 41.9 million. This means an increase by 179/142/175 percent, respectively. yy. Revenues in this period increased by nearly 67%. yoy to PLN 877.3 million, and the company's estimates show that after eleven months of the financial year (April 2021 - February 2022) they exceeded PLN 1 billion, with over 60 percent growth dynamics.

"We have a very good nine months behind us, the historically best period in our activity so far. The entire financial year will be a record year in terms of revenues and results. After three quarters, we recorded results almost three times better than in the same period last year and we want to maintain this in the perspective of the whole year. tendency "- said Jurczak.

Grodno is a supplier of comprehensive building solutions and a distributor of electrical and lighting products.

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