CCC Group’s launches in Austria

Eobuwie - one of the e-commerce platforms owned by Modivo from the CCC Group - has started selling in Austria, the company said. This is the 19th market in which the company operates.

“The decision to open each market is preceded by a detailed analysis. We check the shopping habits of residents, as well as trends largely resulting from the culture of a given place. In Austria, about 90% of residents use the Internet every day, and nearly 60% of them shop online. The pandemic has further strengthened this habit. According to forecasts, in Austria by 2025 e-commerce revenues can be expected to increase from EUR 6 to 8 billion. We are convinced that our model of operation and offer will allow us to take full advantage of the potential of this market, adapting to the individual needs of demanding customers, ”said E-commerce director and Modivo board member Szymon Bujalski. operates on 19 markets. Apart from Poland, the company is also present in: Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Switzerland, Italy and France as well as in Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.

Modivo is a European e-commerce leader in the sale of clothing, footwear and accessories, which combines the offer of eobuwie and Modivo. The company's sales platforms are available in several European countries. The company also conducts stationary sales in the largest Polish agglomerations.

The CCC Group is the leader of the Polish footwear retail market and one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Poland. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004.

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