EBA stress tests: Pekao is the second most resilient bank in Europe

Bank Pekao ranked second among the most resilient banks in the stress tests carried out by the European Banking Authority (EBA) out of 50 banks that participated in the study, the bank said.

“The tests have confirmed that our strategy, assuming building a healthy balance sheet while maintaining a conservative approach to risk, works, placing us in the forefront of the safest banks in Europe. This translates into great trust of customers and investors in Bank Pekao” – said the president of Pekao Leszek Skiba.

As the bank informed, EBA stress tests are periodic tests of the condition of European banks, intended to serve as an important source of information for the purposes of the supervisory review and evaluation process. Their purpose is to assist competent authorities in assessing the ability of banks to meet prudential requirements under stress scenarios. In Poland, two banks, including Bank Pekao, were directly audited by the EBA.


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