Dorota Szelągowska helps Ukrainians on the border and attacks the Polish government. “We won’t take it for a long time”

Dorota Szelągowska is one of the many famous people who actively help refugees from Ukraine. The designer worked hard at the reception point in Lubycza, and also reported on social media what was happening on the spot. Szelągowska was outraged by the behavior of the Polish government.

Dorota Szelągowska has already completed several programs related to renovation and interior design. She was the host of, among others such formats as “Dorota will arrange you”, “Domowe revolutions”, “Dorota inspires”. The fourth season of the program “Totalne remonty Szelągowskiej” has recently debuted on TVN.

My guys. I answer collectively and at the same time thank you very much for this flood of questions. I am in contact with Ivan – if what, housing and assistance options are provided. Michał went to get his sons, the rest stayed in Poland. See you. Because everyone is thinking about fighting. I can’t contain it. Mothers, grandmothers refused to come to Poland… ”- wrote Dorota Szelągowska on InstaStory.


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