Dino Polska will issue bonds worth PLN 170 million

Dino Polska's management board has decided to issue bonds for PLN 170 million, the company said in a press release. The bonds will be issued on July 28, 2022.
"170 thousand. bonds with a nominal value of PLN 1,000 each and a total nominal value of PLN 170 million. The issue price of the bonds will be equal to their nominal value. The bonds will bear interest at a variable interest rate of WIBOR 3M plus a fixed margin of 1.2 percentage points. percent per year ”- we read in the press release.

The bonds will be issued on July 28, 2022. The bond redemption date is July 28, 2026.

The planned issue is part of the bond issue program established by Dino Polska in September 2017. At that time, the program provided for the issue of bonds up to PLN 500 million. In September 2021, the company changed the bond issue program, increasing this amount to PLN 1 billion.

Dino Polska is a leading player in the proximity supermarket segment in Poland, located mainly in the western part of Poland, with an average selling area of ​​approx. 400 m2. The company made its debut on the WSE in 2017.

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