DataWalk recruiting more SoftDev developers

DataWalk focuses on development in the commercial sector, as increasing the share in the revenue stream from this area is a strategic goal, according to the company’s management board members. They emphasized that the company pays great attention to the quality of its staff, works intensively on the development of the team, and recruits top specialists in Poland, Western Europe and the USA.

“When it comes to the dynamics of development in 9 months of this year, we can afford more and the market allows for more, but the key task for this year is to build infrastructure that will allow us to develop even faster in the coming periods. In the fourth quarter, we focus on our current strategic goals, ”said Wieczyński.

Consolidated estimated net sales revenues amounted to PLN 19.9 million in Q1-Q3 2021, which is an increase of approx. 123% y / y.

“We have a lot of recruitment, both in Poland, where we want to recruit programmers from the top 5% of professionals, and in Western Europe and the USA, where we compete with technological giants for the best people. Our technology allows us to effectively compete for the best and we uncompromisingly build world-class staff. We believe that the result will be high dynamics of business growth, ”added the company’s president.


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