Creepy Jar: Spirits of Amazonia 3 for PC will be released on March 29

Creepy Jar is planning to release "Spirits of Amazonia 3" - an add-on for "Green Hell" for PC - on March 29, 2022, the company said.

"'Spirits of Amazonia 3' closes the series of the most extensive additions to 'Green Hell'. Since its premiere in the early access formula, the title has been regularly supported with updates containing improvements, new content and new story threads that significantly expand the content of the game and provide players with hours of entertainment. So far, 'Green Hell' has received several dozen updates, including a dozen or so large add-ons, such as the co-op mode or 'Spirits of Amazonia 1 and 2' for PC, which significantly influenced the development of the title and the level of sales. We are constantly listening to our community focused on the game, thanks to which the updates meet with a very positive reaction from current players, and the title still attracts new interested people. We implement the game as a service model, the result of which is a long-term 'Green Hell' sales cycle, which is reflected in the company's financial results, ”said President of Creepy Jar Krzysztof Kwiatek, quoted in the release.

Creepy Jar is a computer game producer specializing in the premium indie survival genre. The company's managers have experience with Techland. In April 2021, it moved to the main market of the WSE from NewConnect, where it was listed since August 2018.

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