Codeaddict expands into wear-tech clothing and NFT tools

Codeaddict decided to update the company’s strategy by expanding the directions of development with wear-tech clothing targeted at recipients from the gaming, e-sports and music industries, as well as a tool for NFT issuers (or derivative tokens) enabling tokenization of unique goods, the company said.

The main area of ​​Codeaddict’s activity so far has been the implementation of service projects in the software house model. The company is also a co-founder and partner of Raiseman’s crowdfunding platform using blockchain technology.

The company also plans to cooperate in the further development of the Raiseman crowdfunding platform, through which the creators of digital goods can obtain financing. Considering that the issuer’s additional development directions are associated with an increased demand for qualified employees, the company intends to double its programming team (to approximately 22 people) by the end of this year, it was also announced.

Codeaddict focuses on the technology market segment as well as development and consulting services in the field of designing, implementing and implementing software on target markets, mainly mobile and web applications. The company has been listed on NewConnect since 2017.


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