CD Projekt announced a new witcher saga on the Unreal 5 engine

CD Projekt Red has announced that it is working on the next installment of the Witcher series of games, the company said. This is the beginning of a new saga as part of the franchise, as well as technological cooperation with Epic Games - the creators of the Unreal Engine 5, on which the game is developed.

“Today's announcement is the first official confirmation that another full-fledged single-player RPG is being developed as part of the The Witcher series. The last installment of the series released so far - the game 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt', released in 2015, won a total of over 250 Game of the Year awards. The title also has two feature additions: 'Serca z Kamienia' and 'Blood and Wine', 'we read in the release.

The CD Projekt group includes: CD Projekt RED - a developer of RPG video games and GOG - a global platform for digital game distribution. The flagship game of the publishing house is the "The Witcher" series and the latest blockbuster "Cyberpunk 2077".

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