Budimex plans to announce an investment in the RES segment later this year

Budimex intends to be present on the renewable energy sources (RES) market and plans to announce a new venture in this segment later this year, said supervisory board and former president of Budimex Dariusz Blocher.

“Renewable energy sources, photovoltaics, wind farms are a very interesting segment, but our research shows that the market is very ‘overheated’. However, we intend to be in it and this year we will open something, announce a little ‘test’ news, ‘Blocher said in an interview.

In his opinion, renewable energy is of course the future, but it is still too expensive for larger investments. Nevertheless, the purchase of smaller farms by Budimex cannot be ruled out that the company could gain competence. However, higher expenditures are possible for the utilization segment for the FBSerwis Group and for heating plants.

“We are considering taking over 2-3 recycling plants, but also investing in small coal-fired heating plants and converting them to gas. We see it in the form of partnerships, for example with local governments, where we invest our own funds, which are then repaid from future profits, ”he explained.


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