Finnish startup Instagrid sells portable batteries to Budimex

Budimex has started cooperation with the German-Finnish startup Instagrid GmbH, which produces portable batteries for powering construction equipment. Powerbanks replace combustion power generators, and their use is aimed at developing emission-free construction technologies.

“Instagrid portable batteries provide power to construction equipment such as drills or welders. They work in all weather conditions (-20 to 45 ° C) and are waterproof. The undoubted advantage of batteries for the environment and construction workers is that they do not produce exhaust gases, which facilitates work in less ventilated rooms and does not pollute the air. Batteries also do not cause noise and vibrations.”

The new power supply system is a technological innovation that, above all, brings many benefits to the natural environment. The manufacturer states that, according to tests, regular use of the battery in three years will reduce the cost of power by 35%, and saved 250 hours needed to operate the equipment. Replacing a combustion generator with a powerbank prevents 3 tons of carbon dioxide from getting into the atmosphere.

“The reduction of CO2 emissions is one of the priorities of the current sustainable development policy of Budimex. The new device not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also lowers noise and is much more convenient in terms of transport “- said Cezary Mączka, member of the management board responsible for innovations.


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