Budimex finalizes connection of Polish gas network with Slovakia

Budimex – the general contractor of the Strachocina – Polish border gas pipeline – has connected the Polish section of the new gas pipeline with its extension on the Slovak side.

“The construction of the new gas pipeline has started in July 2019. Preparations for the gas pipeline acceptance procedure are already underway. So far, nearly 100 subcontractors and about 1,000 employees have worked on the construction site, ”said President Artur Popko.

The aim of the finalized investment is to build a new cross-border gas pipeline that will connect the natural gas transmission systems of Poland and Slovakia. The parties to the project are Gaz-System S.A. and Eustream a.s – Polish and Slovak transmission system operator, recalled.

“For this task, we used 27,000 tonnes of steel – the equivalent of the weight of eight Eiffel Towers. We covered 20 trenchless sections, incl. under rivers and roads. We also built 390 km of micropiles to strengthen the area through which the gas pipeline passes. We also moved 6,300 m3 of land that would fit in a freight train with a total length of 213 km ”- mentioned the president.

The investment includes the construction of 61 km of high pressure gas pipeline with a diameter of DN 1000 and an operating pressure of 8.4 MPa. During the implementation, trenchless technologies were used, such as: HDD (horizontal directional drilling) or microtunnelling.


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