BoomBit generated revenues of PLN 19.68 million in February

BoomBit estimates that its consolidated revenues in February amounted to PLN 19.68 million, the company said in a statement.

The platform's commission cost amounted to PLN 1.58 million (+ 5.8% m / m), and the costs of paid player acquisition (UA) amounted to PLN 11.01 million (-26.1% m / m).

Revenues less AU and platform commissions amounted to PLN 7.09 million in February (-13.3% m / m).

"February is the shortest month of the year with almost 10% fewer days than in the other months. In terms of the number of days, the results are comparable or even better compared to the last dozen or so months. Therefore, we believe that the February results are very good, especially that we have not recently released large games that would generate additional, significant revenues, said President Marcin Olejarz, quoted in the press release.

BoomBit is a producer and publisher of mobile games.

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